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Sega Saturn Database 2006-2010

The End...


Welcome to the Sega Saturn Database.

SSD used to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) sites on the net dedicated to the Sega Saturn system. My purpose was to collect and present you in game screenshots from ~almost~ every game that released on the Sega's system.

Except from the screenshots, I also provided some informations about the games like the developer,genre,release date,region (religion as an inside joke for I funny mistake I've done in the past. Unfortunately, I can't fix it anymore) etc

The "project" started in 2006 and ended in August of 2010 thanks to my busy daily program. I had no time to update it so I decided to abandon it.

Have a great time surfing around the site.

Thank you,





 Last Added Games : 

* 01/07/10 *

Gussun Oyoyo-S


Yuushun - Classic Road


Zero Divide


Zoku Gussun Oyoyo


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