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  F-1 Live Information  
  F1 Challenge  
  Falcom Classics  
  Falcom Classics II  
  Fantasy Zone  
  Farland Saga - Toki No Michishirube  
  Farland Story - Habou no Mai  
  Father Christmas  
  Feda Remake! The Emblem Of Justice  
  FIFA '96 : Virtual Stadium Soccer  
  FIFA '97  
  FIFA'98 : Road to World Cup '98  
  Fighters Megamix  
  Fighting Force  
  Fighting Vipers  
  Final Fight Revenge  
  Fire Pro Wrestling S - 6 Men Scramble  
  Formula Karts - Special Edition  
  Frankenstein - Through the Eyes of the Monster  
  From TV Animation - Slam Dunk ~ I Love Basketball  
  Funky Fantasy  
Funky Head Boxers